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Pregnant Women

Worried about visiting the farm if you are pregnant?

We have many pregnant women who visit the farm every year, but the risk is entirely up to you. A sign that we put up at the entrance is copied below...

“PREGNANT WOMEN - Organisms which cause abortion in sheep can cause miscarriage and illness in pregnant women. Transmission is thought to be via direct contact with amniotic fluid (Only present at the birth while the lamb is still wet).
However we strongly advise that pregnant women do not touch the ewes or lambs at all.”

The risk is very low, even if the Farm has these infections, which we don’t.

Below is a link to an article on the NHS website, which basically says: don’t actually deliver lambs, don’t milk ewes, don’t touch wet lambs or aborted lambs, and be extra vigilant with hand washing and keeping clean -
NHS - Why should pregnant women avoid sheep during the lambing season?

Our advise is come along, but don’t touch the lambs or sheep, and make sure your family washes their hands before you touch them. The only people at the Farm who come into contact with wet lambs and ewes is the staff anyway, but the choice and risk is yours.

Hope to see you...

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