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Open Farm Days 2019


Gaston Farm is proud of their Charity Work, and with the help of a strong base of Volunteers, we have been able to support many charities.

To find out more please come up to the Farm and see the photo's and information! 

Nepal Project

A Nepalese Orphanage housing 25 Orphans and seven neighbouring Schools have benefitted from the money raised at the Farm, including other fund raising from local schools, churches and individuals within the surrounding villages.

The Nepal Project, which is also being supported by
Yapton Free Church, has more information here.

Africa Soup Kitchen

'Soup from Heaven' is a charity based in Cape Town, South Africa.  They are involved in many charity projects out there, including:

  • A Soup Kitchen which runs from Monday to Friday
  • A feeding programme in a very poor school
  • Outreaches onto the streets where they feed homeless people
  • Study opportunities for people who want to better their lives
  • Helping to get prostitutes off the streets and into a better life.

More information here...

Burundi Project

The Burundi Project is administered by the Openlife charity and is focused on this land locked African nation that, according to the UN, is the second poorest country on earth.
This project is seeking to:

  • Equip rural leaders to make a difference
  • Support health and hygiene initiatives
  • Grow micro-finance for potential businesses
  • Support community development schemes
  • Take every opportunity to bring some Good News into difficult circumstances.

More information here...

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